Frequently asked questions

What does this transaction mean for my current portfolio at Symbid?

Your current portfolio at Symbid will not be affected by the transaction between Symbid and SeedBlink. The investments you made are a direct deal between you and the entrepreneur, Symbid is not a legal party in these deals.

Are there any value changes in my Symbid portfolio?

Your portfolio value is not subject to any change. The current value of your portfolio is based on the latest publicaly known valuation of the businesses you invested in.

Can I refund my investment?

It is not possible to request a refund for your investments. It is possible to sell your investment to another investor in the investment round, you can contact the entrepreneur to see if their is any interest. We intend to introduce a secondary market in the near future, this is one of the additions the SeedBlink platform will bring to Symbid. More information will follow when we launch this product.

Are there any risks involved with the transaction with regard to my investment?

There are no risks involved for your current investments via Symbid. The investments you made are a direct deal between you and the entrepreneur, Symbid is not a legal party in these deals.

I have an active convertible loan via Symbid, what will happen to this?

There are no changes to the current convertible loans faciliated via Symbid. The investments you made are a direct deal between you and the entrepreneur, Symbid is not a legal party in these deals.

Any new deal flow we can get access through?

With the acquisition we will, in the near future, also offer cross borderd deals to our community. This means that you are able to invest in interesting tech deals outside of the Netherlands.

How do I request access to SeedBlink deals

If you are interested in the latest deals/projects, sign up via this link. We have a special offer for early adopters of 12 months free membership to SeedBlink Club giving you access to private deals and more services. Contact us to activate the membership after you have created the account.

Will the entrepreneurs update more with the new portfolio management option offered by Symbid?

We intend to integrate the portfolio management tool offered by SeedBlink to our investors as well. These tools are dependent from the info we get from the entrepreneurs. We will motivate all the entrepreneurs to update more frequently and can learn from the way SeedBlink currently acts uppon this. There will be more resources available to work on this.

How will Symbid investors be impacted by this M&A?

By the end of 2022, we target to align the two companies' offerings, technologies and services to investors. All investments will not be affected. Starting in 2023, new tools and capabilities will be available to investors.

Symbid investors will benefit from:

  • Portfolio diversification with more opportunities in technology and regions across Europe.
  • Access to new functionalities and services - such as follow-ons & secondary market, portfolio management tools, community engagement platform and educational programs
  • More opportunities for portfolio companies (especially in the technology sector) to raise new rounds of funding and receive support from the support network we are building together.
  • Team expertise - both founding teams continue the mission to democratize access to venture capital

And together we can shape European innovation as Symbid and SeedBlink join forces to consolidate the infrastructure for private company technology financing and investment.

What will the deal flow look like for Symbid investors in the future?

In 2022, Symbid will continue to serve the industries in which we have been active, while our focus will increasingly be on the technology industry. After the integration (early 2023), the Symbid division will complement SeedBlink's strategy and specialize in pure technology startups and scaleups and act as a co-investor alongside institutional investors in such opportunities.

For early adopters, we invite Symbid investors to SeedBlink deals with special product Club membership.

How will the Symbid team be integrated?

SeedBlink is integrating the Symbid team, i.e. Robin Slakhorst, one of the founders of Symbid, will become a consultant, Robbin Hoogstraten will become Country Manager Netherlands SeedBlink and Steve Slakhorst will become a member of the product management team.

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