Dit is een aandelen investeringsmogelijkheid. Via aandelencrowdfunding kun je investeren in een start-up of bestaand bedrijf en profiteer je mee van toekomstige groei van de waarde van het bedrijf.
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No longer in business Sunpower for the people

Solarus campaign closes @ €792,420



What a dream start for 2017!

Just a few minutes ago we closed our crowd funding campaign that started 9th of December. We collected the amazing amount of 792,420 with more than 500 investors.  We are now celebrating the New Year as well as the success of the crowd funding. And we are so grateful to you who has invested in our company. You gave us the extra boost in our funding for the future. Now we can purchase the tooling to complete our automated production line and invest in market development and marketing in some of our key markets. Moreover your broad support strengthens us in our mission to make this company into a worldwide sustainable energy champion.

How do we go from here? In the first week of January 2017 the Solarus Cooperative will be formally established. In this cooperative all crowd funders are united. With the money that the crowd funders paid for certificates of shares the cooperative will acquire shares in Solarus Sunpower Holding bv. The initial board of this Cooperative will consist of mr. Marcello Palazzi (chairman) en mr. Geerd Schlangen (secretary/treasurer).  Mr.Palazzi is a major investor in this crowd funding and is a co-founder of BCorp Europe. Mr. Schlangen is director of Communications of Solarus and is the coordinator of the crowd funding campaign. 


In January the initial board will call for 1 to 3 additional members to complete the board.  The new board members will preferably be crowd funders who made substantial (> EUR 5,000) investments in the company.  The board will represent all certificate holders at general shareholder meetings of Solarus Sunpower Holding bv. The board will also organise an annual meeting of certificate holders and will organise votings when an actual situation requires this.

We will keep you informed on all developments of Solarus. And we welcome you as ambassadors of our company.

Once again we thank you very much for your support and on behalf of the Solarus team we wish you a happy, healthy and sustainable 2017!

Leen Zevenbergen, CEO Solarus

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